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Finger Knitting


Ice skating competition 2017

100 seconds on ice!

Rubik’s Cube in 4 mins

Just watch the video !!!!


Rubik’s Cube Part 3

Hi there! In the last part of this Rubik’s Cube series I am going to show how to complete a perfect Rubik’s cube. If you want to watch the previous parts here is the link for the first and second part.





Rubik’s Cube Part 2

Hi!it is me again.I want to show you how to solve the middle line of a Rubik’s cube. This video starts from where we left off in my previous post.


Rubik’s Cube

I want to show you how I solve a Rubik’s Cube. This post will show you the first step which is to complete one side (white side). I have made a video for you to watch. Hope you will enjoy it!

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